Charles will always hold a special place in our life for DJ’ing an unforgettable night like our wedding, so we are extremely excited to share Elaine and Charles’ wedding with you!  You can also check out their engagement session here.  Elaine and Charles did an amazing job incorporating a lot of special and personal details into their wedding,  so it really showed their personalities as a couple.  Also, who knew we could have so much fun at a day time wedding!  Charles got his dad to take a shot with him, there was a monkey, there may or may not have been a Magic Mike moment during the garter toss, and everyone was just having a good time and we loved everything about it.  Also, special thanks to Allan Summers for helping me with this one.  He took some awesome photos mixed in below.


The last time we met up with Tracy and Chris was for their engagement photos and we talked about how sad we were to miss their big day because we had to work another wedding.  We remember wrapping up the wedding, speeding over to catch the last 45 minutes of their wedding and it was some of the best 45 minutes we’ve ever spent.  So what has changed since then? Lots!  Chris surprised Tracy on Mother’s Day with a family photo session.  Tracy and Chris welcomed the birth of their daughter, Alyssa.  Abigail was promoted to big sister status and we hear she is doing a great job.  Oakley Chubbs now has the important job of protecting two of best girls (actually three!) AND last but not least, Chris is in a lot of trouble when these girls grow up.