Logan is probably the happiest baby we’ve ever met.  We had to wake him up super early for his photoshoot, so you would think his patience would run low especially since he was teething, but it didn’t take much to make him laugh again.  It must be all the yoga, healthy and clean eating that Michelle and Chris live by!  Thanks to Michelle and Chris for inviting us down to spend time by the beach and pool.  It’s always such a relaxing time that it never feels like work.  We can’t wait till Logan is older so we could plan the next Acroyoga family session.  We need to update their last yoga photo seen here to include Logan!

We made last minute changes in order to dodge thunderstorms, took a tram and walked across two bridges with Karina and Jeff and ended the day with some good Italian food.  If the time just didn’t fly by, we probably would have tried to walk across another bridge.  Karina and Jeff walk and bike across bridges all the time, love the view for the fireworks for New Years and it’s just become a fun and relaxing thing for them to do together when they want to enjoy a day with blue skies.  Karina and Jeff are getting married next month so check out their engagement session below!  Enjoy!