50 years married…  That’s an amazing statement for a couple to make.  Dr. Frank and Mrs. Maxine had a great time celebrating 50 years of marriage with their friends and family.  Their children, Kelly, Brent, Scott, and Neil did a wonderful job creating such a special night for them.

Not only did the family celebrate 50 years of marriage but they also celebrated 50 years of teaching for Mrs. Maxine.  Her students and co-workers attended the event and it was great to hear them speak about how she has made such a powerful impact on their lives.  The cute, funny, or life changing stories continued throughout the night.  Her children also had some sweet and funny stories about growing up with such loving parents.

Hearing all of the speeches reminded me how important it is to be there for people.  To help whenever you can just to see others do well.

Congratulations again on 50 years!

  • Neil Whiting - Are,

    You did a wonderful job capturing the moment and the spirit of the event! Thank you so much for this and I am recommending you to people I know.


Krystal and Jason are the type of couple that we hope to work with all of the time.  They are open to try anything, love to poke fun at each other, and we had each other laughing for most of the photo session.  I can’t wait to work with them again at their wedding.  This fun and lovely couple chose to spend the day at the sculpture garden.  The weather turned out great and we had a lot of fun with the interesting statues that were there.  Congrats again to Krystal & Jason on their engagement!