When I met Ron over the phone, I could already feel how excited he was to throw this event for his daughter Lexi.  During the ceremony it was great to see how proud Ron (dad) and Emily (mom) were to watch such a special moment unfold.  As for the reception, Ron wanted me to capture everyone having fun.  I’m happy to say that these folks made that part of my job easy.  Everyone was great and even though it was raining outside, the party was bumping inside.  This was my first Bat Mitzvah that I’ve ever been to and it was pretty epic.  The kids were crazy and never ran out of energy!  I loved it!  It was just a good time to let loose and enjoy the party.

Meet Lauren and Ray!  I went to Lauren’s high school for two years when I moved New Jersey awhile back.  We didn’t know each other then, but we learned that we had a few friends in common.  It’s a shame because Lauren & Ray are such a chill couple and I can’t wait for their wedding in September – from the sound of it they have an awesome theme for their wedding day.  Ray & Lauren work crazy hours (Lauren works two jobs, one of which is really cool and involves working in forensics), so they were real troopers for getting up at like 5am to head to the park for their engagement shoot.  I really love it when my clients wear bright colors to their photo sessions.  Thanks guys for bringing your A game.