I really do love it when my brides get ready with their mothers before their weddings.  A brief moment in time is all it takes and if you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time you might just catch one.  Lucky for me I was there for one of those times and as you’ll see below there’s no tricks or gimmicks for the photo, but just an honest and sincere moment between Karina and her mom enjoying their time together as they get ready for what they both expect to be an amazing day.  Karina and Jeff had the most intimate wedding at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park.  They kept the guest list small but they definitely planned their wedding with style.  The park looked amazing and lucky for us it was nothing but blue skies and sunshine for the day so we had free rein to explore the grounds of the park.  Congrats to both Karina and Jeff!  Please enjoy the photos below.  Also big thanks to Allan Summers for helping me with this one!

Also, if you haven’t seen their engagement session, check it out by clicking here.

The weather seemed to have changed to fall temps in September, until Jennifer and Jonathan’s engagement session which happened to land on an extremely hot and humid day. You probably can’t tell in their fall outfits and the fact that they barely broke a sweat, but if they did, they hid it pretty well.

Their wedding is a month away and we are extremely excited for this day. We have met up over many dinners to discuss their wedding day plans. They showed up on their final meeting with a laptop and excel files, so we know this is going to be a very well planned event with a lot of love and thoughtful details. So stayed tuned! In the meantime, check out their engagement session below.