We had so much fun during Ashley and Nana’s engagement session.  They say time flies when you’re having a good time but for some odd reason it felt as though we had stopped time.  We were getting so much energy out of these two and were moving along so quickly through their engagement session that we thought for sure we were done for the day, until we realized only 1 hour had passed.  It’s because Ashley and Nana were so good in front of the camera and you quickly realize how happy and how very much in love they are.  We are so lucky to welcome them into our lives and can’t wait for their wedding day.

The weather was amazing for Jennifer and Jonathan’s November wedding, it was warm, sunny and perfect.  We have had many dinners with Jennifer and Jonathan discussing their wedding plans, day of schedule and just bonding with them over the last year, so it was nice to see it all come together.  They truly made it their own and it showed just how much they love each other, how excited they were for their wedding day and for their future together.  Jonathan and Jennifer have known each other since elementary school and Jonathan kept his graduation autograph book with Jennifer’s message to him, including her phone number.  If you grew up going to NYC public schools, you know and remember all about those autograph books!  Who knew that one day those were worth keeping!

Special thanks to Allan for helping out!

Also, if you missed their engagement session you can check them out here:  Jennifer & Jonathan * NYC