Maile and Eldon are two people that you just enjoy being around. There’s this charm about them that you could sense almost immediately because they give off such positive vibes and are so welcoming. It is no wonder why their photoshoot seemed more of a hangout than work. Their silly personalities and style really made for an enjoyable session! Just to give you a bit of a background, Eldon was born and raised in Jersey City so this city has much meaning to him and I had the opportunity to see the city from a different perspective. We talked about how they met at Starbucks (which supposedly is the number 1 location couples meet for the first time!) and they took us around Jersey City checking out his old school, some of their favorite spots, including one of their fave food trucks.

Thanks guys! You really made this session your own and I’m happy to have been the one to capture it!

We’re so excited that one of our favorite families, Apollo, Selena and Howard, are back on the blog to announce baby #2!  We’re also happy for Apollo being promoted to big brother!  We hung out with them in their home and around their neighborhood to grab some awesome photos.  Check them out below!

If you missed it, do your self some justice by checking out their first photo session by clicking HERE or Apollo’s new born session HERE.