I’m extremely excited to post this wedding today.  For starters, Cindy and Albert invited us to join them in Puerto Rico for our very first destination wedding!  We started our trip in Old San Juan at El Morro for a quick engagement session, followed by a welcome dinner for all their friends and family.  The wedding day started a little out of the ordinary for us, being in unfamiliar territory, the church weddings being done in a slightly different order, and asking 100 guests that are on vacation to hurry up and take a photo.  For those of you that were there, Jennifer apologizes very much for putting on the pressure during the formals.  The church was trying to get everyone out of there for the next mass 😉

Out of the ordinary just made the wedding so much more special especially when you get to know Cindy and Albert.  They had a busy weekend and yet they still managed to not only take care of us, but also attend every event with their friends and family and make it look easy! We are so thankful for this amazing experience, for Cindy and Albert and their families and a very special thank you to Arlene for taking care us!

Also, ALWAYS pay for car insurance when you are traveling for a wedding. You may just end up with a flat tire on two different cars, the day of an engagement session and the day of the wedding.  It’s a good thing I paid for that insurance.

Lastly but certainly not least… Huge thanks to my lovely wife Jennifer for coming with me and helping out!