Maile & Eldon * NJ

So weeks before Maile and Eldon’s wedding day, we were joking around and kindly reminding Eldon (because we care!) that this is just one of those days he is not allowed to show up 2 hours late. Of course you are allowed to be a little late on your own wedding day, but you just can’t be late to church! We are very involved with helping our couples with their wedding schedule because if there is anything we know for sure, is that someone is always late and that leads to stress, which leads to an unhappy couple and we never want an unhappy couple. With a little bit of good planning and Eldon probably wanting to rub it on our faces, he was early with plenty of time to spare!!!

All joking aside, this was such an awesome wedding. We can’t even begin to describe the amount of love we witnessed during Maile and Eldon’s wedding. Maile’s dad was hanging around in the background to make sure everything was okay, Eldon’s mom had a huge smile on her face for what seemed like the entire day, the wedding party members were troopers in the heat and there was hula dancing during the reception! Also, I don’t know who bought White Castle onto the party bus, but feeding your party after a long morning/afternoon is always a good idea. I sound like a broken record at this point, but I am truly thankful for the opportunity to capture Maile and Eldon’s wedding and to be able to share this post with them!

Also, big thanks to Jim for helping me with this one!  He did an awesome job as always.

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