Michelle & Chris * NJ

Post wedding sessions are a lot of fun because you get to dress up again in your wedding gear, but this time not have to worry so much about time or getting the wedding dress dirty.  It’s especially fun when you get to spend the day with your friends, Michelle and Chris.  Michelle and my wife, Jenn are good friends and they started their day hanging out and getting Michelle’s hair and makeup done.  Chris bought us all pizza and we were ready to get started! Michelle and Chris did an amazing job with preparing for their session by bringing balloons, decorations from their wedding day and a yoga mat.  When we got to Asbury beach, there were plenty of couples taking engagement photos on the beach or in front of the Casino structure, but Michelle and Chris decided to bring out the mat for some Acro Yoga!  It’s a little more difficult in a suit and a wedding dress, but they were amazing!

Michelle and Chris love wine and cheese and Breaking Bad and so do we 🙂