Michelle & Tommy * Cape May, NJ

I first met Michelle & Tommy a few days before Halloween and they were heading to a costume party after our consultation.  To say the least, I felt extremely honored and excited to photograph Superman and Catwoman’s wedding!   Tommy is a lot taller than me, so when he showed up to the wedding consultation with his muscular superman outfit, he looked more intimidating.  However, I saw that he was smiling throughout our entire meeting as he and Michelle shared their stories with us, such as the story about how nervous he was proposing to Michelle and how he is a Dance Machine!  Also, the fact that I was wearing his favorite Jordans that hadn’t been released for several years, I knew this was someone that I could get along with and have fun working with.

Michelle is a US Pole Dance Champion and pole fitness instructor at Body and Pole in NYC.  She is a true athlete and she loves to teach in order to help her students get stronger and more confident.  Through her knowledge and skill as a professional dancer, Michelle inspires and motivates others to be creative and to challenge themselves as dancers.

I could sense the excitement and nerves the day of the wedding.  After a good warm up stretch to get the nerves out between Michelle and her excited bridesmaids, they were ready to make the most out of Michelle & Tommy’s wedding day.  Congratulations to Michelle & Tommy and thank you to their friends and family for allowing us to have such a great time photographing your special day!  One more thank you goes out to Jason for helping me out on this wedding!

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