Jennifer & Andre * Hoboken, NJ

So I’m the lucky guy that gets to photograph Jennifer and Andre’s wedding!  Why so lucky?  Because they did great during their engagement session, so great that I couldn’t tell that they were extremely nervous in the beginning of the photo session.  Jennifer and Andre fell into honest poses with ease and I was excited to see them get so comfortable together in front of the camera as we walked through Hoboken.

Why Hoboken?  We always ask our couples to choose a location that means something to them.  Jennifer and Andre chose Hoboken for 2 reasons… First, they enjoy hanging out in Hoboken because they love that the streets have some character.  The second reason is that they enjoy the view of the New York City skyline, especially the Empire State Building and Freedom Tower.  We got to capture their favorite buildings, walk the Hoboken streets, eat awesome Cuban food, and we may or may not have gotten escorted out of a closed ferry terminal for trespassing by the police…

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  • Tina Marques Coelho - absolutely beautiful….

  • Pamelitz Salinas - Thank you so much for capturing all these beautiful moments… my sister and brother in law are truly blessed to have each other… all the pictures are amazing and I WANT THEM ALL ReplyCancel

  • Kerry Schwartz - WOW! these are incredible JEN!ReplyCancel

  • Magdalena Trzepizur - That’s pretty cool!!! Love itReplyCancel

  • CMarie Pearce - So beautiful. .amazing shots love love love!ReplyCancel

  • PK Mazzurco - LOVE!!!! <3

  • Elizabeth Rebelo - Just beautifulReplyCancel

  • Zaida Marques Santos - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT… Did I say I LOVE IT ?

  • Ana Paula Fonseca - AdorableReplyCancel

  • Joyce - My fave is the silhouette shot and you always do great reflection shots! I also like the moving photo from above as they are walking the sidewalk! And the creepy you peering from the pushes as they are about to cross the street! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Lorelyn Denny Swartzel - Love these pictures! The ones with NY Skyline are awesome.

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