Joyce & Ryan Engagement * Maryland

Ryan & Joyce are engaged!!!  You might remember them from when they celebrated their 5 year anniversary in Washington, DC.  They always approach photo sessions with so much style and excitement, which we absolutely love!!   They did an awesome job in DC and I was impressed at how they were able to take it up a notch for their Engagement Session.

Ryan and Joyce took us to Towson University this time, which means a lot to them because it’s where they first met.  Ryan noticed Joyce when she would study at the library.  Then Joyce noticed Ryan noticing her, so they took notice of each other, which eventually lead to them getting engaged. 😀

We walked the campus with these college sweethearts during the day to find some cool spots and to re-live some of Joyce’s and Ryan’s memories.  At night we checked out Baltimore’s inner harbor and found a Maryland Flag made out of turf!  So we had to take some photos for them to represent MD!

Thanks guys for another fun photo session and some awesome eats and drinks afterwards! 

Ryan asked his closest friends and family to be groomsmen by making a video with lego men that matched each person’s personalities, style, or careers.

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