Jessi & Tina * Baltimore, MD


Jessi and Tina planned a beautiful wine & cheese themed wedding in Baltimore MD.  The ceremony had an intimate feel and took place in the venue’s outdoor garden, where they were surrounded by their closest friends and family.  The reception was just as laid back as the couple, until the music started and then things just got crazy at that point.  The party just didn’t end at the wedding reception, the after party continued at the Hippo Lounge, which is where Jessi and Tina met on Valentine’s day through their friend and groomsmen, Scott.

So fun fact about Jessi and Tina – they are both promoters for the Miss Gay America pageant, there was even a movie made about it.   Jessi and Tina are pretty involved in Miss Gay America, from counseling the contestants to developing the props for the pageant.  They also manage to find time to for charity work for other gay organizations as well!

Thank you Jessi and Tina for having us! …and congrats again!  Also, special thanks to Katie for helping me out!

Club Hippo is where the happy couple met, which just so happen to be located right around the corner from the wedding venue 🙂