Josephine & Florian * Washington, DC

Josephine & Florian, a very sweet couple and both equipped with great big smiles, decided to trade rings in our nation’s capital.  It’s a great city to visit and if you haven’t yet, you should definitely check it out.  It was another beautiful day for a wedding and we knew we were in for some fun!  It was a roof top party which was a really great setting for such a special day.  I shot this one with a great guy named Steve.  I’m looking forward to shooting with you again bredda!

  • Jason Rodriguera - Rob –
    When I see these photos, I feel like I was a part of this wedding- like, I was there in the flesh. I lived in these photos! The realness of these images and your ability to capture these moments with your gifted “eye” should be considered amongst the upper-echelons of this art we call photography.

    Our good freind Jay-Z once said in the song Otis…”…photoshoot fresh, looking like wealth, I’m bout’ to call the paparazzi on myself”. I want YOU to be my paparazzi on my next special event cuz these photos are so fresh. Keep up the good work.


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